With down-to-earthness and cohesion to success

Everything at Wildeshausen has always revolved around plastics processing. When Heinrich Grashorn and three partners founded the “Norddeutsche Vulkanfiber- und Formstückfabrik”, he laid the foundation for a successful company history. Vulcanized fiber is the predecessor of the numerous thermoplastic and thermosetting materials that are now part of our everyday lives. At that time a pioneer, today we are one of the largest suppliers of moulded and stamped parts in Germany and Europe.

We do not only give our best in the ecological field – our sustainability strategy also includes social responsibility. We know where we come from and remain typically North German down to earth. By tradition, we refer exclusively to our strengths and therefore operate with a long breath. We at Grashorn never have fast profit in mind. We work towards long-term and sustainable success. We do this because we bear great responsibility for our employees and their families.

Zitat Moliere

For this reason, the team concept plays a very central role for us. The numerous team-building measures, such as the kale tour, which is rich in tradition in Northern Germany, are not decisive for us – they simply belong to our understanding of a professional and harmonious community. Rather, our individual strength lies in working together: everyone here knows everyone. We cultivate a trusting relationship at all levels and meet day after day at eye level. This is noticeable – both internally and externally. We are firmly convinced that everyone at Grashorn contributes their part to the big picture. That is what makes us strong.